Our Horses Our Community  E Book
Our Horses Our Community  E Book

Our Horses Our Community E Book

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Horse SA participated in the 2011 “About Time” History Festival celebrations. The chosen theme was recognising those people who have dedicated their lives working with and for our horses.

A unique event was created to celebrate and recognise their achievements.

Volunteer writers responded to a public call made by Horse SA, with horse industry workers personally invited, cajoled or pleaded with to share some insights into their lives. Most participants met at the Hahndorf Academy on a brisk morning of 6 May, writers where matched with story tellers, before dispersing over the township to find a warm coffee shop or pub to provide the two hour snapshot of their experiences.

This e-book is our tribute.

The book features stories on Greg Bailey, David Farmilo, Betty Eastgate, Malcolm Mitchell, Sue Vivian, Heather Slack, Gary Slack, Brian Slack, Doug Rabig, Peter Marshall, Elizabeth Murphy, Bill Hassam & Julie Fiedler

A5, full colour, 35 pages

To find out more about Horse SA, a non-profit organisation working with and for horse owners, visit http://www.horsesa.asn.au
To read more about the Tom Roberts Legacy Project visit http://www.tomroberts.net.au

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