Equine Emergency Rescue (Pick up only)

Equine Emergency Rescue (Pick up only)

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Equine Emergency Rescue is a guide to the methods and tools necessary to successfully extricate a horse or other large animal from entrapment using low-tech, low-risk options that are easier, quicker and safer for people as well as the animal.

Ideal for horse owners, vets, emergency services, studs, transport companies or others who will encounter horses or livestock. 

by MaryAnne Leighton and Michelle Staples

Softcover 136 pages. Third edition.

*** PICK UP ONLY *** at a coming Horse SA event, otherwise please use the other entry in this store for Equine Emergency Rescue which includes postage.

To find out more about Horse SA, a non-profit organisation working with and for horse owners, visit http://www.horsesa.asn.au

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