Horse SA Membership: Junior

Horse SA Membership: Junior

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 Horse SA invites you to make a difference today by joining, sponsoring or donating towards the valuable work which advocates for, communicates with, and provides educational opportunities for, horse owners and organisations in South Australia.

Key topics of common interest for all include club and business development, recreational trails, facilities, welfare, horse property management, preparing for emergencies, biosecurity, road safety, workplace safety, and celebrating our cultural heritage. Check out the Horse SA website today!

Members also receive discounts on events and some merchandise.

This membership category is for an individual under the age of 18 years, who has an interest in the horse industry & community. 

The Horse Federation of South Australia Incorporated (Trading as Horse SA) Constitution, policies, Annual Reports and related information is available to download

Note that international and interstate members are not eligible to vote (as passed in the Horse SA general meeting 13/2/19).

Payment forms an application to Horse SA for membership.

Membership goes through to 28th February 2022

Your consideration in adding a donation is greatly appreciated.

A membership number and welcome email will be issued after purchase